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Warped Area Median Income to Stay Put
Okay, we all know what area median income is, right? For the purposes of this blog, it’s the measure by which we set rent levels at affordable housing projects.
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Sallie Mae Offers Advice to Help New College Grads Get an A+ in Student Loan Repayment
While many new college graduates have already paid their first few months’ rent on a new apartment, deposited their first few paychecks from a new job, signed up to save in a 401, now comes time for another step in their adult financial life: paying back their student loan.
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Lawsuits: Confused Old Man Gave His Broker the West Village’s Best Lease
Back in the ’70s, William Cornwell went from renting an apartment in a Horatio Street townhouse for less than 0 per month to owning the entire building for 0,000. What a deal! And now he’s paying his good fortune forward…
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